Our Services

Procurement Services

Our procurement division provides a global sourcing and supply outfit for the Oil & Gas sector. This division has pursued and achieved proven record of success by providing a competitive pricing model for our clients. We are dedicated to helping our client’s source products and equipment’s by supplying directly from own stocks from associated manufacturers saving you valuable time and effort in procurement.

We are dynamics and can respond swiftly to our clients. We are competent, reliable and able to handle your most complex needs. We are responsive and dedicated to completing our projects to highest required industry standards. Our aim is to become a trusted business partner supporting our clients with their procurement challenges.

Our areas of procurement spread across the following areas, but not limited to:

  • 1). Drilling And Production Chemicals
  • 2). Marine and Industrial Lubricants
  • 3). Drilling Tools/Equipments
  • 4). IT Equipments

Rental Services

Equipment Rentals

  • 1). Cranes
  • 2). Excavators
  • 3). Backhoes
  • 4). Flatbed Trucks
  • 5). Mud tanks
  • 6). Bulldozers
  • 7). Forklifts

Drill String & Workstring Rentals (Oil Tools)

  • 1). Drilling jars
  • 2). Drilling jars accelerators
  • 3). Drill pipes
  • 4). Drill collars
  • 5). Drilling string assemblies
  • 6). Rotary Slips/Skids
  • 7). Casing Slips
  • 8). Pipe Spinners
  • 9). Manual Tongs
  • 10). Tong Dies
  • 11). Slip Inserts
  • 12). Clamps


  • 1). Blowout Preventors
  • 2). Valves
  • 3). Gauges
  • 4). Cutting dryers
  • 5). Mud cleaners

I.T Services


  • 1). Data/ Voice Network Designs.
  • 2). Installations/ Communication Equipment Supplies.
  • 3). Remediation Services (Use of Bio-wash Technologies Products for Remediation)
  • 4). Wire Line Services.

Waste Management Services


We undertake vessels cleaning, environment and waste management

Vessel and storage tank cleaning services.

Crownhouse Technologies Limited has capacity to clean offshore vessel tanks, as well as storage tanks using specialized equipment and trained personnel. We are into underground Storage tanks (UST) and Above Storage Tanks (AST) cleaning of any kind .We explore the use of Gamejets Rotary impingement tank cleaning machine the effective cleaning of tanks.

Environment and Waste Management

At Crownhouse Technologies Limited, efficient analysis/treatment, design and construction of Oil/water separators.Harzardous/contaminated waste management including water oil and waste chemical handling and disposal.

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